One long year of silence… wow, that is definitely something!

Happy new year fam, how’s it been? How’s it really been? I must admit it feels so good here on my draft sheet, punching these keys in, so good! I have missed sharing here and I promise it wasn’t intentional to go this quiet *laughs*. 2022 was a thorough year, quite demanding in a way that wasn’t necessarily exhausting physically but it certainly had me mute; a responsibility we (my husband and I) decided we owed, a respect that was not on the table for bargain considering. Every inspiration that came up to share, especially on here was quietened. My sincere apologies. There’s certainly more to share and share I will because the wealth of lessons from 2022, O POR.

The welling in my spirit to pass this on today is quite consuming and unforgiving should I not. So here’s what I want to employ you reading in the year 2023 – please decide for love. My choice of word isn’t a mistake either, you have to choose it; choose to give it intentionally first, choose to heal from past hurt, choose to unlearn transferred sarcastic theories (Love is scam etc), choose to believe in it, choose to accept it. Love made my 2022 beautiful in the midst of weights, demands, decisions that could easily have shattered the norm for me and for my husband. Love gave us strength, love gave us courage to stay humble (there’s a type of humility that needs courage), love helped us see beyond the noise, love healed stab wounds to the heart lol, love got me even more selective and confident to make choices that gave me peace. Love helped me build a home that I was and still am at utter peace in. Love taught me longsuffering (I’m not ‘patience’ mate lol) and forgiveness especially of myself. Love fired up my commitment to family; I always want to make those I love happy, but now it’s certainly heightened. Love kept me stayed on my heavenly father! I know I want to grow closer and deeper every new season with Him but love had me not even trying, I was just drawn and knew I needed to be constantly stayed in His presence.

What kind of love is this?

First it’s God; He is love, the expression and being of it and because of Him my circle had been prepped in their independent walks and over the years together for these times we now share. He filtered my family and poured His love in their hearts for me so I never walked alone. I had the purest form of friendship on a daily from my husband (I got to understand also that last year he was Gods expression of love to me for a lifetime journey of peace on this purpose mandate). I had present, and in some cases professing care from my sisters, spiritually covering love from my mother(s), excusing understanding from friends I found myself at their mercy. I had support, deliberate cheer and obvious ‘looking out for’ from a fistful of amazing hearts not even close to me but caring enough to check up from time to time. That love! Up until this moment, is what keeps me in a perpetual state of gratitude. That love that is absolutely totally, completely, entirely worth it – love is not a scam. We need to give it; we need to receive it.

Love helped me let my walls down, simplify friendship and understand that true friendship blooms in giving so everyone receives. Love is the prayer point, It’s a need not a want, and I pray that this year 2023 God exposes the world more to Himself to decide for it and benefit of it.




  1. Welcome back my Queen. Truly Love encompasses every and anything. I just Love God for giving You to us, A rare gem you’re. Keep blessing us with wonderful God’s inspired ✍️
    We love you 😍

  2. Where’s the lie, the entirety of this write up is so apt💯. Thank you so much for this piece, let love lead in all that we do. Now, where we’ll have a problem is if you’re not working on a writing a book, because you owe us one. You can’t be this eloquent and starve the world of your words of wisdom, there’s no way under the sun my godfada(your hubby) would let that happen, definitely not under our watch.. lol

    • Serenade me oo, please serenade me🥰, your words are like sweet Melodies to my ears Goya 😂😂 ‘ah lav it!’.
      Thank you so much for your kind words truly🙏🏾 and for the read, we might just have been in the kitchen you know… 😌🤐 time will certainly reveal. I’m happy to know you would love to see more, God will help us stay the course and your watches too😂.

      Please don’t be a stranger here xx

  3. This is an amazing write up and I hope alot of people especially the youths learn from this. Thanks and keep doing what you do 😌

  4. Awesome.This is a pen of a ready writer.
    Love is everything, who finds it, knows it.
    Love is not a scam. It is the only place to find rest.
    You got it🎷


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