About Me

My name is Jasmine Howson-Wright. I love to describe myself as a strong willed, independent, hardworking optimist and a creative. I love most expressions of art and love to create through them or with them but for formalities, I am a writer, an actor, blogger (I guess that goes without saying) and an entrepreneur. In every one of these capacities, I am in love!

I finished from Babcock University Ogun State, Nigeria with a Bsc in International Law and diplomacy, worked at different professional organizations in various capacities; Manger at Lizfol Corporate Ventures, Customer Experience Officer at Interior Woodwork Limited and Deputy Senior Commercial Officer at Bouygues Construction Nigeria Limited. One would wonder ‘nothing in relation to law, arbitration and any other legal concepts?’ Well, the other very important bit of my life mostly influenced that – I am a God lead – I follow lady, I love God to bits and with everything about my life, I let him set the course hence, no legal pursuits (so far) but I am quite diplomatic, should that count for something! *Laughs*

I created this blog in 2016 and it is an eye into all that is me and invariably Jasminwryts! It’s everything I love to express and access to bits of my life that well; you would only catch here. It is fun I promise, with a dash of ‘let’s get you to live purposefully’. I am really all about that balance through God. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.