HAPPY EASTER FAMILY! It’s such a day to feel special I mean, Christ went the whole 9yards for you, He saw it all through and through and got the victory – just for you, awesome!

Another busy week for me but definitely an exciting one because I don’t remember when last I did anything related to production in Abuja, (I mean I have and a lot but) its been a while since I relocated to Lagos, so the fact that within the period of time I’m here I got the opportunity to do what I love again on home soils and to top it up, have the best team to help me with this I reiterate – EXCITING!

It started with a couple of mentions directly to my dm for an upcoming monologue challenge and at the time I was getting these in my dm, I did think ‘great’ because I mean, Rita Dominics brand is definitely an admirable one, she’s earned all the respect due her status and compliment of her journey in film, so we (the fresher generation of ‘givers’ in this industry if I do say so myself) gas recognize but, that was it for me then; an acknowledging. On the day the scene to be re-enacted went live on her Instagram as well the rules of engagement, I got some mentions to my dm again and by the time I watched it I said to myself “I’m so doing this”. By now I had read the caption quite some length to know it was a challenge, it was a first from her and it required two people who would be judged individually. This was already enough for me because you see me, once there’s a leap in my spirit, I really do not need much deliberation or convincing, we move and this was the case.

Still shot of actor Ray Adeka and I as ‘DJ and Anjola’

I got to thinking that night especially how I would like to represent this and what I knew was that I didn’t want to just casually bring this scene to life, I actually wanted to be extra deliberate about it and that’s how Eniola Michaels came to mind (with no atom of uncertainty too about that decision). Wasn’t certain that he’d be able to film my vision through the eyes of a movie Director Of Production (it’s really not the same) but like I said, I was sure that on this one o, it was Eniola. Next was a co-actor and by now I was already chatting with my friend Erica Opia Bale about this challenge and Ray Adeka pops in my mind, so I leave her chat immediately and hit oga up. Long story short, he was down and somehow just trusted we’d have a great time shooting. That was all the energy I needed.

It wasn’t until myself and Eniola were following back on the concept for our shoot that he pointed out to me it should be an ‘original’ (in other words, creatively express your self while interpreting the idea of the scene), this now got me to doing another read and seeing the prize money and opportunity!!!!! o bob!!! All the more exciting.  My luggage with my clothes, make up and everything I owned was yet to arrive in Abuja (ABC transport, thank you o!) so the question of how I wan take run the package was definitely imperative but not in any way hard because it was also a way to get my fam part of this process with me and I am such a sucker for that. Blackflair clothiers was a ‘go’, Jasminwryts Accessories is always on top of my jewelry hook up and Makeup by Jaqi on standby and ready – we were set. Oh wait, the scene direction!

Film direction from draft (eventually some things were tweaked but the body remained).
Blackflair clothiers was a vibe with the couture blouse and Aladdin pants, felt comfortably classy!
Make up by Jaqi did a thing and ever so natural!

Jasminwryts Accessories came through with the earrings and knuckle rings, to give that edgy class vibe

For the direction, I really wanted to be true to the screenwriting however, having watched the movie at the cinema as instructed with my co-actor and a few friends, I questioned the audacity DJ seemed to have in the original script. Yes, he was confident and a bit impulsive but could it be that he overstepped? Could his hurt and anger be translated differently yet we’d feel the love he’s now more so blinded by? Can we see her entitlement meet her realization of the hurt caused, enough to be a catalyst to her underlining request of him in the original scene? Also, let’s maintain her style, I really wanted that resound as much as possible because I did appreciate that bit from the movie too.

I’m still very satisfied that I took the opportunity presented to challenge myself not only acting wise again but directing as well again, this journey is beautiful especially when it unites all aspects and people, it truly is and it’s served as a reminder to me of who I am, why I really am here and how much more there is untapped. Did you participate or watch any submissions, what do you think about competitions like these or/and what’s your take on this scene?



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