Hey fam,

Quite another wait and I’m sorry about that. Thanks for reading my posts and engaging on a few of them so far, I see you, God bless! Please feel free to share your thoughts more, would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on what you read on this journey of mine, love and light!

So, the second month of the 2nd quarter in the year 2021 ey?  How do you feel honestly? Like anything you want to do differently; personal, financial, emotional, career, business, spiritual checks? I’m personally excited about May in a way I’ve yet to be excited about any month so far. I just feel May being so reward-full I can literally taste it! For me the first thing I’m excited about in retrospect is my mind’s growth. I’ve gotten to a place in my acceptance of who I am now and by God’s grace who I am called to be as an individual that I don’t pressure my thoughts to satisfy what ‘externals’ perceive or are willing to accept about me, expectations and stereotypical presumptions. It’s now very settled in my being that there’s only so much I can do or be to everything and everyone but most importantly, I’ve unapologetically accepted that for who I’ve been so far and who I am, she’s quite awesome! (whew! That took quite some convincing to put out here but hey my truth, it stays!).

My first decision as a result of this acceptance is to take care of her too the way that gives her peace (yes, I am talking in third person lol), she can be too analytical about care for herself, I mean there’s always more important stuff to focus on until her fam push her or impose otherwise). How am I achieving this? Allocating a budget monthly to personal spoils after working and of course taking care of what matters and even if no spoiling happens, I want to deliberately challenge my mind to not normalize everything, regard every other decision else but treating myself, necessary. As long as it checks with my spirit, I’ll try for her!

My second decision let’s get a little personal, shall we? Communication, I’ve gotten so bad at this! Ironically, it’s one of the things I cherish the most in relationships. I accept I’ve done so much mental cutting down over my growth process it’s killed my enthusiasm to reach out. Having to protect me a lot of times more in my growth found me the safest spot; my heavenly father’s arms, I’m so content with pushing forward with whatever and whoever I have that identifies with me as they perceive regardless. Don’t get me wrong it’s still perfect but then again as I grow, I know I can do better, I mean I can’t protect me better than He can! I’ve also noticed and have been hinted a few times how I unconsciously pass this numbness to budding relationships, even when I can care so much. Identify the problem and nip it right? well, I know one thing for sure is I won’t lose peace over any decision and I’ll let God ultimately guide this communication growth but on my part I’m deciding to be aware (yup! that’s the word).

My third decision is more of a boost because I’m on and off on these already; read and FINISH a book once a month, multiply earnings through savings and investments, lookout for opportunities to polish and groom my acting skills, sharpen my entrepreneurial skills and finish up my book mehnnnn! While at it, write some scripts too you know.

Considerably last but most certainly not least on DECISIONS, I need to COMMIT to a workout routine no matter how short! It’s quite pathetic where I am at currently *rolls eye*, let’s boost this ginger and hopefully return to the workout guru I once was.

This is all me… how about you any decisions you’ll like to challenge your awesome self to? Yes, you are very THAT awesome (and I know what I wrote lol).

xoxo: Jasminwryts



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