I think more now, my heavenly father be putting me in scenarios that make me laugh at myself. What delay? On who’s timing? Really, think about it? Who’s setting the time frame to determine what is and isn’t considered delay?

Hi fam, I hope you’re good? I truly hope you’ve experienced pockets of miracles and revelations to inspire trust and hope in your processes since we last gathered here together, lol! Nigeria is HARDDD, like concrete! But guess what? Our God is the solid ROCK – Bank on Him! He’s moving, still, but moving big for those who’ve abandoned trust in Him. Honestly I’ll keep this brief because really and truly, it’s not my testimony to share. I personally just would rather the original owner (my husband) to have his day in the sun when he wants to but since it’s our unified blessing still, I’ve got my own share because in this and so much more God is doing now for my family personally, I’m reminded constantly that God no be our mate o! Walahi! He’s supreme, sovereign and really His ways are not ours, so when we think He’s delayed us, He’s not working fast enough for our shame to be lifted, for our names to be cleared, for our points to be proven, for our redemption, for our healing to be perfected, for our hurt to be erased, our confusion cleared or just for these blessings we keep scattering prayers on top yet everything keeps getting tougher, to happen, we should stop to think, what was the timeline? Who set it? Who gave the word? Who promised?

To make this real for anyone reading this, you can only feel delayed when you had a timeline. So quick check, if we can’t promise ourselves life tomorrow and can’t actually give ourselves life as simple as that is, what right do we really have, what claim do we have to feel like God o (the one giving us the life free), is delaying whatever we have planned in our head or what He even gave us word for. I mean, we can plan, we can work the hardest, we can do all and everything and most times we do, we actually do! But, I don’t even want to look at it from an angle of privilege or entitlement because sure sometimes we get what we work for spot on however, we also know that isn’t always how life works and the greatest achievements we boast of many more times and plenty more individual experiences presented, will prove were attained over a process, over time, with failing, with many silent years, sometimes shame and ridicule, with ‘delay’, no matter how much we were working so hard to achieve. We would do all the auditions we can and ace them, will be the most diligent worker and get applauds every now and then, we’d have health records that are clean and clear, the relationship go sweet gannn e.t.c and then all of a sudden just when we should get the result of diligence alas, it’s not ours for the taking! Some incident happens and now all of a sudden we are seeking aid, treatment, heartbroken, confused and all we have is hope today, hope again tomorrow, hope some months down the line and some more years ahead. We know we are children of the one that can snap a finger and all turns to gold! We know we are obedient and obeying yet! We start feeling like God either failed us or in the best case scenario, is just not attentive to time anymore; I mean, doesn’t He see that we are getting older and people are celebrating? Doesn’t He want us to? Especially when He gave a revival promise! Ah… that one go pain!

Listen, I’m not exempt! I know where the shoe dey pinch but I’m writing to tell you because I’m again reminded through a promise God fulfilled perfectly, that He ALWAYS is good for His word. I want you to know that you just might be very wrong about the ‘timing’, God is always on time! Your clock is just racing with pride lol. You’re trying to prove something, He’s trying to tell you there is nothing ‘you’ need to prove. He’s proven everything giving you life free again today. So He’s still involved with your life and your process, if He was done, you’d be dead.

Delay is not denial with God, it’s perfection. Maybe find out today, “father what are you perfecting on this path in me and for me”. Why not decide to know Him better, so you see more of the paths He’s developing for you. Oh you think your one problem is all He has brought you here for? Kimon stop that! The God that created you is not small minded, He can solve your money, health, heart, marraige, addiction etc problems in one breath you’ll take, miracle no dey taya Jesus. However your life is much more bigger and useful to Him than miracles, He’s no magician. So rather than focus on how He’s delaying your prayer point, find out what He’s perfecting in the wait and you’ll see, He never delayed, and He won’t deny His word for your life.

On that note, thank you so much for celebrating with me and my family. My husband was promoted to Lieutenant rank in the Nigerian Navy and there was a delay that naturally could have cost him but God said and did what He said so it’s a big deal to me when I celebrate and it’s a lot more that you all have taken a minute of your time to say you see my joy and it’s cool! Thank you for that. May God prove to you too, He’s not delaying, may He prove you wrong and Himself true! Amen.

“I, the Lord, will quicken it in its [appointed] time”. ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭60‬:‭22‬b Amp

Outfit by: @wandei_rtw

Jewelry by: @jwaccessories.ng




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