I turned 28th on the 31st of January guys… I’m getting old *covers face* lol!

My 28th has to be my most memorable birthday celebration yet. The best also and one that felt so full circle – Lots of love, peace, joy! My support system alive, happy, succeeding! My gradual but steady growth career wise, health, burst of ideas, finally bringing a lot of plans sketched previously to life and finding teams that understand my vision to partner with me and invariably permitting much more hope and excitement for the future. Great opportunities presenting itself where I’d least expect, a loving social media fam and my absolute top reason for considering this years celebration the best; my late dad given to me as a gift, with my mum right by my side and in the most thoughtful way ever – a portrait! This was absolute GOLD! Thanks to an awesome sister, and partner in ‘life’ crimes Lulu.

I lost my dad at the age of eight (8) and he was someone I loved dearly. For 20years, it’s been my mum and I going steady through thick and thin and she did an absolutely amazing job protecting me from the hurt of memories so deep and strong which would still have me tied a while to my dad after his passing. I mean, I left my family house in such a rush I took nothing! I didn’t get to attend his burial (this has to be the first time ever I’m sharing this and not directly to an ear I trust, I guess I can truly say I’m really good now ey… hehe), I couldn’t even emote when I found out he was dead. He just all of a sudden wasn’t the built, energy filled man I was always with one week and in those days of not seeing him, I was told he died. I probably experienced anything close to closure when I was in Uni, and it would come in flashes! That’s when I understood I was in denial for so many years. So you can only imagine how it felt getting my dad back, though not in person but with so much thought by the two lovely humans that brought this to life; my sister from another mama and a lovely guy, friend and artist Bolaji.

I was fooled into thinking it was a mirror being delivered

I remember reading ‘Enid Blyton’ books he got me lying with him or on him (he was huge😊) most Saturday’s while we watch the ‘Cadbury breakfast show’’, ‘prince of bel-air’ all of that. He liked dressing me up in suspender kind jeans alot (I guess that’s where a bit of my tomboy kicked in from). He was such a creative, who loved life, Fela and the culture while my mum sang and was a jazz baby. I realize more as I get older how much of a mix of them both I am, especially now owning to who and all that I am. I remember my dad and I would sit in the compound while he smoked and I’d just lean on him because the house was flit, the wind in the trees, the sky and if I started itching, he told me to go to the car. He was very protective of me and would get upset with anyone for me, I knew and I heard. I have no memory of hurt from my dad, just protective love! He sacked a help because I reported that she put milo in my golden morn (I was sooo silly gosh!!!). I miss his kind of care and even now that I’m connected back to all these memories, they don’t feel as old as I am, they feel re-lived! Who would have thought yea? Well, now I have different separate pictures of the people who’ve loved me the best in this life, now all in one! Gratitude is definitely a must❤️

It’s okay to not be so strong you know, it’s okay to be 28, 59, 100 years and still emote at memories that remind you of how beautiful life really is. You aren’t weak or an agbaya because you feel and feel deep, on the contrary, you are actually stronger than you want to admit because you can be true to your emotion and reach in for a bit and still not loose light of what’s important. Write those memories you’ve always wanted to down and if you have good hearts in your life that have blessed you with precious memories, don’t wait for death to give a speech to them, tell them now, everyday you can and every way you want to.

Thank you all for a memorable birthday loving again and God bless you.

xoxo; Jasminwryts


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