So recently, it’s been feeling like when everything works in my favor, one major thing happens to try and disrupt the complete feeling for joy, like something major just chooks it’s head and ugh, mehn, lol. Well, what I can certainly say is this strength is definitely not my own, Jesus be taking the wheel, Gloray!

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills of (Jerusalem), from where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth” Psalm 121:1-2 AMP.

Hi fam, good evening. It’s another weekend share over here but I do hope you had a worthy week. What’s it like over at your end of Nigeria or wherever you’re reading from right now? You don mentally adjust to this our fuel matter? Honestly, how are you really doing though?

What would you consider healthy competition? I read just yesterday that another Nigerian lady has decided to engage the Guiness Book of Records and contest Hilda Bassey’s just recently completed 100hours, to beat it with an extra 20 hours! Hilda’s definitely was no mean feat, so I can’t imagine another 20 more hours, but it stirred up some questions within me which summed up to – what really is a healthy competition because these two ladies are Nigerian women and certainly either of their feats will directly and indirectly be a means to project their nationality. We already can confirm Hilda’s did, now it’s like we are going to have two Nigerian’s doing so. I’m a huge sucker for support, all of that loving and cheering on but this is where I have issues with this competitiveness.

First of all, Hilda’s hasn’t even been official certified, the process is very much on going. This is just weeks following hers and there is already a contending from the same country. I don’t think I’d have a problem with any other nationality contending and that’s where my defense for ‘the title not being a monopoly’ will come in. Please by all means, contest for what you believe in, yes! the sky really is that big enough but, this bounces off me uneasy because it feels like a sister taking advantage of her own sister’s delay, to prove a point that maybe she’s better than and deserves the opportunity more than the one who waits for feedback. I don’t see that competition as healthy (please a loud emphasis on “I”) because a sister who’s applied IS STILL WAITING for feedback.

Secondly, how do you garner the support of the general family who is still praying for their first daughter to be accepted. What is the bum pinch that it has to be now?  Does she really want to win a global competition, or does she just want to trend? What’s her message? All these because, this isn’t an indigenous competition, I guess we have to remember that it’s a global representation and like I mentioned earlier a person is literally representing their country, even if it’s not a spoken rule. So, when Hilda challenged chef Lata Tandon of India, 4 years after her own pronouncement, she had a message and it wasn’t just for herself, it was for us all, every Nigerian woman pushing to get the recognition we believe we worked hard for and deserve. To break an African stereotype and a Nigerian hold. That message has been sent but now the world is waiting for the messenger to get her deserved crowing and she’s yet to get it. So, what now is this new message emanating from the same family? I don’t want to insinuate (this is in no way a hate or disregard post), I just hope to get some other positive understanding.

Lastly, what’s the evidence of training? Because nobody competes where they’ve not trained for? A doctor won’t be competing in a film competition except he’s been training or acting or worst-case scenario passionate about it and then met the opportunity and the same goes for any profession you can put against each other that couldn’t be so far apart. Now the Guiness Book of Records competition does not necessarily discriminate against any talent, but they are not the qualifying factor I speak of, cooking is. Since the new entrant is vying to prove something, I believe is sound, truly important to her and not hopefully just to discriminate Hilda’s, what’s her journey cooking then? Her aspiration to win the Guiness World record before now? Her journey to this point? Maybe Hilda beat her to it and seeing Hilda do it, the only way she could now live her own dream is to have to then beat Hilda, no bad blood right?

These certainly are the questions for me and these are what defines whether I can say for myself this is a healthy competition or just not but hey, I don’t even have these answers. Needless to say, though this samples the average competitive scenario we face as humans, there are too many relative instances and that’s where the fine line of what competing healthy or the lack of it really is drawn.

What do you think though? Is this a healthy or unhealthy competition? What’s not a healthy competition and what is? Would you cheer this ambition?




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