Arghhhh! This has been an emotional weekend for me! Shock, tears, laughter and plenty gratitude; these are some of the signature emotions slapping me left, right, center. There’s also a feeling in there, just subtly lingering through these emotions and it’s full of energy – you know that feeling where you’re itching to show some gratitude yea, darzit! I’m quite pumped you see; my spirit is so alive!

Hey fam, I truly and sincerely hope that this post meets you at an awesome season of your life or that it encourages you, I hope that as you share in my joy through these letters, that you receive that lift you need to push on if the case isn’t so, because really, we must push on, we must decide for nothing other than the journey ‘in front’ and proceed with care for ourselves and our purpose. All will be well, God is in the details, I promise!

Now, let’s talk healthy friendship! I mean, it can’t come as a surprise that my creative juices are flowing in this regard now… Not to brag but did you see what my friends did??? Haha (just teasing). Yea, sometime before my 30th Birthday on the 31st of January 2023, my soul sister Lulu Okonkwo got inspired to create something for me in form of a production and through her production company Diara Productions limited, the execution commenced. Herself, my darling husband and I believe my cousin too, proceeded with the culprit-ing and she as well reached out to some of my family and close friends who came through devotedly and sacrificially to make me feel special. I received it on Thursday the 25th of May 2023 and my goodness do I feel beyond special! I really do feel it guys, it worked lol. P.S; If your friends make you feel special, if they make you feel like you owe them but with love, if they see you, maka, stay there! (Well except your heavenly father decides different but God is love and the chances of His being in the details of a friendship as I’ve just highlighted are 100%. however, journeys differ and there could be peculiarities to consider).

I trust you understand me and here’s why in a few points.

Healthy friendships in life as we know it and as long as you are human is essential! Please, this has nothing to do with the quantity, or description. Be it 1, 2, or 100 persons, brother, lover, stranger, as long as a relationship can be initiated and can grow, it’s essential to life and living. Friendship is the ship that nurtures love. Each individual has a capacity to love, can love but love needs to be extended, to be shared and friendship is that house that empowers it to its fullest potential. This to me is why God is more about ‘relating’ with Him, being His friend first more than just knowing and working for Him. When love is nurtured, it’s the perfect basis for service that won’t be flawed.

Healthy friendships shouldn’t require perfection, they only demand deliberateness to sustain! No human is perfect, at least not while we are still fighting with this sin programmed flesh. No human is a clone in character and personality with another and even if everything can appear similar with two or more humans, no human can co-run another’s race, invariably meaning; ‘self’ will desire its advantage, ‘self’ will design its life approach for its own advantage at one point or the other. People don’t need to be perfect to be in a relationship, a friendship, but to nurture love that makes either party feel represented or special, they have to be deliberate.

Healthy friendships impact, they have fruits, evidence! God is love right? imagine growing more love in a relationship? That’s literally growing more God and God can’t be in anything and His Zoe; life giving power, doesn’t express itself. Healthy friendships minister, first to the parties in exchange and to witnesses around. Same way you cannot be growing in your intimacy with God deliberately and not be transformed in ways that translates to close contacts. Healthy friendships in one relatable word equals – Actions; they’ve got proof!

Healthy friendships can repair, they aid healing! Because of the nature of these relationships, weights seem lesser and depending on the intensity of deliberateness, they can almost not exist. People who see you will see your burden as well and even if it’s too deep in to view, because of deliberateness, because they are conscious of your existence, they easily and without a grudge extend what is good for them, to them and in them to you. So, whether they can see you’ve got a weight on your shoulder or not, they will be buying two ice-cream when they think to treat themselves (literal example) and you know what? Sometimes all you need to step down in this life is a cold treat lol!

Healthy friendships transcend seasons, they aren’t weather dependent! Basically, you’ll always be enough.

I think in this season of mine personally, the one factor standing out for me, is a friendship where I am enough. With these guys, I’ve grown, evolved, adjusted, reformed and we’ve had to journey together in those times, we’ve done the hustle, the little beginnings and the distances but here they are representing essentiality, deliberateness, action, healing and contentment. To be honest, it’s been a long year of fighting questions of my heart and care within, to have this was to have a love note from my heavenly father saying – “Trust me, I’ve been in the details”.

“It is the lord who goes before you, He will be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you. Do not fear or be dismayed” – Deuteronomy 31:8 AMP.


Full documentary is on Diara productions. Please say a thank you for me by liking, commenting or sharing as you feel. What else do you think a healthy friendship connotes?




  1. Love is everything in friendship. It is the act in friendship otherwise friendship would be a lie without the Spice call love.
    Keep True love working and the world would be a better place.
    This is a great piece you have written.
    Keep it up.

  2. “Friendship will be a lie without the spice of love”.
    Really is true and may God give us the patience and grace to keep love alive and grow the best friendships.
    Thank you for your dedicated following and support.
    I will keep sharing as God enables.


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