A lot of people have mentioned my weight gains, commending and appreciating it. Thank you guys o! Me, myself and I like it too but unlike what you can see in this video, ‘we’ don’t put in as much deliberateness to maintain an all round healthy life, which adversely earned me kidney stones and for this I am a hypocrite.

I had always been horrible at drinking water; it was never just a normal routine for me growing up. I would drink water because I’m human and my system would demand it from time to time but, as long as I’ve known, it was “never that serious”. I could stay days not actually drinking water owed to other liquid substitutes; your sodas and the likes (yes, it’s now you peoples own, you can have them lol). It’s taken me a horrid painful experience last year, medical appointments I wouldn’t have needed, stressing my hubby out and a new somewhat annoying routine to understand that matters of personal health should be taken seriously, a healthy lifestyle should not be the medicine for the problem rather, it should simply be a way of loving oneself.

“Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].” – 3 John‬ ‭1‬:‭2‬ ‭Amp‬‬.

Basically we must encourage each other to desire growth and success in our intimate walks with God but also with our health, our minds etc. Our bodies are Gods temple and true worship is honoring it. I think I’ve been abusive of Gods grace over the years because I don’t struggle with certain ‘outward appearances’ but ignorance is proof of pride and we know how God feels about pride. Well, Proverbs 3:34, Matthew 23:12 will clarify. Listen, I don’t blame anybody else but me for my struggle. I have to consciously do better with my health this year and I employ you do same too. How? You may ask. Well;

75cl bottled water.

-Drink water, loads of it; Water really is life, and the benefits are unrivaled. With water, you’ll be taking care of today’s issues, tomorrows that could come up with age and avoid stressful rituals like having to infuse lemon, sometimes Apple Cider Vinegar into water bottles as a lifestyle.

-Go for periodic health checkups; Admit it, hospitals feel like that place for desperate health cases, so if it’s not critical, no need to be there (I’m not calling you out o but I mean if the shoe fits) right? I’m as guilty of this thought process as you are but this should not be the narrative. Think of timely checkups as servicing for cars, where you’ll get highest value, smoother drive and avoid unnecessary billing when things become complicated.

-Tell those that have proven to care for you about your health challenges should you have any; Speaking from personal experience, these are the people who’ll keep you on your feet, ask you if you’ve taken your medications, how many bottles of water you’ve drank and you’ll be more conscious so you’re not selfish knowing they want you healthy and fine.

-Routine up; Routines can be a chore at first but with alarms going off and reminders popping on the screen, you’ll become the process (I haven’t yet and it’s still a chore for me but that morning routine of a full 75cl bottle, I do easily) thank God!

-Pray; Faith without works (obedience to Gods lead) is dead! James 2:26. If you only pray or believe it and then work against your body or disregard signs that require attention, you’ll literally die. We have a part to play even if we don’t ultimately sustain ourselves, if we can give true worship to our bodies, then we can truly be whole as God wills.

Are we game for the challenge? 





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