Hi fam, happy new month. I know this week has been one hassle, sorry about it. The honeymoon stage of this selected administration is nothing that can be applauded; it’s wicked and maybe not a shocker for me, but certainly still plenty wonderous. I’m also having to fuel up bodily through the past week up until now as I had my own personal health battering and honestly, the only way is ahead, we just have to push forward.

As the week ends, I really just want to employ you to keep going. It’s not easy, it does look like the light you once saw and rays that sometimes would cast itself upon the dim and dark times of your journey are expired or turned off. For someone else it’s just at the crossline that you’re told some adjustments need to have been made, implying setting you back. Others it’s what you’ve had to endure and soft pedal through, feeling the excitement of finally reaping the dividends of a humble, long labor and right at that transfer, some more reasons to understand yet another delay. It could be a reflection that seems to mock you no matter how hard you’re putting that work in, and for so many it’s a government on a mission to drain hope, love and spirit from you. I know, it’s not easy.

Right now for me it’s, not honestly ready to get back to sound routine, having all the excuses not to be better, try harder, be stronger and that ugly jailer man – ‘Mr Excuses’, cunningly enumerating valid reasons for me and my decision to recognize the trap it really is; really if not push myself now, what is tomorrow’s assurance? If not me, who do I wait on for the physical ginger? I have to keep going, you have to keep going, we have to keep going! God has been in the details and He’s not done, not told us to throw in the towel so why should we rehearse to?

Please, from one loving sharer fighting, contending with sleep that results in serious typographical errors, guarding her life and purpose, to every other (if you are reading this); keep going! God is in these details, and you will bask in that light with utter satisfaction of your choices, because no one can take it away. When you get out of the tunnel, you’ll see how pure, radiant and personalized the end had been, designed for you.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”. Joshua 1:9 AMP.




  1. Yes,keep going and no Stoping, God is in the Making. Refining process is what bring out Gold.
    I appreciate your pen ♥️💯


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