Before I get into this abstract culinary ‘take away’, I want to clearly reaffirm that Hilda Bassey in my books is EVERYTHING she thinks she is and will always deserve her crown, flowers, accolades and more. By going for her dream with such care (I mean, you can clearly tell a careful, stealthy handled vision when you witness one executed) and defiant determination, she put not just herself and her family on the world map, she put every African woman and Nigerian on too. Congratulations to her again and thank you Hilda.

My apologies for the long silence, definitely did not intend it this long. Sadly, over here quality and intentionality is of uttermost priority and I’m still on the journey of mastering that balance (which feels most time to me an uncomfortable compromise if I have to be honest) with consistency hence, when I can’t mentally connect, I rather focus within first and that means silence. By God’s grace we’d figure that equilibrium where none of us is disregarded. If you’re back to read this today, thank you for your trust always, if this is your first exposure, I pray it’s worth your curiosity and so on that note, I’ll best reveal what’s in my goody bag starting from;

Lesson 1: Everyone God created has the capacity to make a mark! You know how it’s said that there is only one ‘you’ so you’re the only one that can run your race? That’s the uniqueness that confirms it’s not a select person rite of passage in life to make an impact. Impact will vary in reach, demography and so many other factors but, you should know that you are more than a consequential or transactional occurrence in life, you have space to take up, you just need to accept that first.

Lesson 2: Believing in yourself is KEY. This key is necessary to have from the beginning and crucial to never loose in life period! It is that one password required at every level of progress, it is stand alone and could be complementary with other essentials depending on the level of progress but, it must be there. Disclaimer; believing in yourself should not make you ‘jack of all trade’ (and master to none), shouldn’t make you deaf to recommendations, ideas or assistance (like I said each life growth levels demand other essentials) however, without it there is no strategy that will win because you are meant to deliver what ‘you’ believe. In other words, just forget about doing anything with your life other than existing to retire in the end if you cannot believe yourself.     

Lesson 3: Stay classy with your purpose. That’s my own way of saying don’t rush the process, forget about shortcuts, ‘blows’ or that very deceiving enemy of progress called ‘point proving’. You don’t have to desire to prove a point for one to be proven, you just have to proceed, progress, keep moving, keep doing and very importantly I must add, for yourself! The point(s) will make itself clear naturally. What needs be clarified will be, what needs be understood will be, whether you were lazy or not, will show, had help or not, will be confirmed. If you even have to prove to anybody, let it be to yourself that you can indeed take up your destined space. Nothing on earth subject to time, can ever happen without time lapsing, can ever be minus a process and more often than not more time equals more advantage. On the 4days challenge alone, Hilda had been preparing for 5years but as a cook, she’s probably been preparing all her cognitive life knowingly or not. Which leads me to

Lesson 4: Love and identity. I’m one of the people (if there are more) that took note of the fact Hilda didn’t just hit the 87hours 45 min mark and fall yakata claiming victory. Believe me, even if she did pass with only a second extra confirmed and surrendered, she would still have broken a record and surpassed her predecessor but no, she set her bar for 96hours (about 9more hours ahead) and when she did arrive there, she decided for about 4more hours till she officially stopped. To me this said – I see my ability now, I’m enjoying this new challenge for myself, I’m not afraid anymore, I’m happy here, tired surely, but beyond fulfilled. Maybe she even thought – I need to finish these meals on my mind lol! I personally don’t think her amazing inspiration Chef Lata Tandon was in question a long way back. She was where she loved, feeling fulfilled by every hour and discovering her strongest self. If she had another set of hours to beat, I really think she would have beat it and added some more time. Listen, you will succeed and make impact where your heart is, no matter the surmounting pressure you just gotta identify it.

Lesson 5: If you’re not ready for the pain, you most likely will not get to the gain. Like I said, other than purpose, impact, destiny, there’s always going to be the ‘safe’ option of just existing, ‘hand-me’s and a life of chance where you can be as average as it gets; unchallenging, uninspired and just waking up until that isn’t possible again. Sadly, this is a serious determination to go against Gods natural build

 “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth, subjugate it and rule over the fish, the birds and every living thing on the earth…” Genesis 1:28 AMP

God created you dominating, in control, creative just as He is, His very own likeness. If you are ready to take up that space and claim your destiny, you must know that these feats come with warfare. Seeds battle in the soil against and with every factor that invariably becomes essential for them to split and push forth the earth’s crust to be fruitful, add beauty or scent – to serve. Walking in your purpose serves but not without pain. That is not for you to plan but it’s inevitable because walking in purpose exposes you to pain you must fight through and other varying factors which become transferred learning, inspiration and just direct benefit.

Lesson 6: Support is important and supporting is truly freedom. Although it’s still a work in progress especially for the black community, support is beauty, it’s freeing, it’s love and it is important. Whether it comes at the beginning in one- or two-person form, in family form or just yourself. Support is a fuel; it enables the journey. More of it, longer coverage, less, easy wear until breakdown, especially if you don’t even support yourself. We need to ease our minds of unhealthy competition mindsets and just cheer others on. We all witnessed the power of Hilda’s supportive chef Sunny. He was in the heat with her. He understood she was the focus and he dedicated his extra energy to boosting hers, so she wins well. What about the crowd that trooped in as things progressed? The power of a simple recognition for what she embarked on by celebrities. No one said, “no be me send am”, they wouldn’t have been wrong either if they did but by registering their presence and well wish, they told Hilda you’re valid to us. All she’s said before now was not being taken as seriously as she knew she deserved, now she had more reason to not let herself down. Nigerian’s had fun, interacted (some may have even begun their journey to forever lol), just by shinning their light on someone going for her dream. Start regardless of support but know this, the support tailored for you will grow as you don’t stop!

In fact, let’s just get some more juice from you if you have any? Did you pick up any lessons as well or how did the whole experience make you feel?




  1. You got it right at every point.
    Life will always give you what you have put in. You just have to persevere.
    Thanks alot for your articulate pen.
    Waoh,!! You are a Truth writer. Keepit up.
    It is always Healthy to read your post.

    • Thank you so much for appreciating always and supporting my growth. I will certainly continue as God enables me. Thank you for being such a blessing on my journey.


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