Hi fam,

How are you? I truly hope your week was good. I know the scarcity, hike in fuel prices, general cost of living and the heat isn’t exactly encouraging, kind of a tough task to remain on the ‘new year, plenty awesomeness’ mindset (our Nigeria really is at the worst it has ever been) but please be encouraged, hopeful and have your PVC. I’ve been really intentional about learning this week, perfecting skills, committing to doing and becoming better at me and for others. I’m non-expectant; other than expectations I’ve placed on myself and I’m hopeful I won’t let me down but that’s not why we are here init lol.

I received a package from Ojintimates this week! If you know me you know that’s a brand I don’t play with and the one person that carries my non-expectation self on his head decided I should have a visit from them (thank you love). It definitely put a smile on my face. There is just something about giving that does that, especially when it’s not expected.

Ojintimates set (Song: Cyanide – Daniel Caesar)

Most times people associate giving with money or physical gifts, so they think they are not in the positions to give when they cannot ‘buy’ but I believe giving is of the heart first, a response ‘to’ and is not limited to finance, pretty gifts or anything that can only be visibly applauded. When you care for someone, you’ll think of how to make them smile, happy, or just know your position regarding them and your response to that question is your act of giving. Same applies to proving a point of loyalty, trust, etc. You care for a person or cause, you’ll think of how to let them know by giving, simple. I find that only when giving is understood as a response to questions of ‘how to’ or ‘how can’, do we remove any barriers.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV

God gave to say to us ‘I love you’. He gave ultimately, a very costly gift because the currency was without a barrier or limitation, He gave from Himself. Lack of money will never stop you from giving your time, your talent, a listening ear, food, advice, the list is endless, if it is not about you the giver but ‘how to’ for the receiver! You are not the determinant, they are because you care. Nigeria has been a tough environment for us Nigerians and we really are just looking out for ourselves but no matter how bad the economy is, if you care, you’ll find out how to show it. I hope we all give sincerely this year.





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