Hi fam,

I hope you are well and all is well around you?

It’s been a couple of intense days since my last post, quite a mix I must add; beauty and pain in the most uniquely patterned experiences, decision, decisions and some more decision. Amongst these unique events, was having to take my wisdom tooth out, THE SECOND TIME!

My first dental experience though a pleasant relationship with the doctor (who by of no mere chance happened to be the doctor in charge of my operation this time), was almost a nightmare. I had a swollen gum which made my face two times the size and irregularly formed. Recovery was no child play as I had to be admitted for a couple of days and monitored strictly. Even then, at least two of those nights ‘sound’ wouldn’t even accompany my tears, they just flowed down my cheek codedly! That was my last receipt of pain from taking out a tooth! Hearing my doctor now tell me the better option will be to take out my tooth again, you can just imagine wasn’t met with petals and flowers on the way to my medulla. On the contrary, should it not have been her (my dentist) and the encouragement from the possibly more advanced environment I stepped in that day; the dental clinic (more technologically forward equipment, health protective procedures maintained at basic levels and a generally relaxed ambience) I promise you, I just may have committed to eternal wails!

Fast forward and today I can say my experience definitely was different and better. I did experience abrupt pain two or three days, I even cried one of those nights because my surgery (oh yes, this time it was a surgery on my gum not the regular operation because of the tooth placement and yadayada) began to limit the opening of my jaw and just quite frankly be mad, but I was prepped for it with necessary medication, followed through with checkup calls and mentally ‘signing out’ from strenuous activity – A.K.A trying to make a living for *rolls eye*.

I picked up something’s about life and pain from this;

1.       The fact that you care for the human, appreciate the human or believe the human, is no golden ticket to not feel the hurt they may cause you, neither does the time, status, environment or advantages you may have in life provide you an escape from their pain. Pain is an experience of its own, once initiated, will commence program. Your responsibility will now be finding how to deal with it.

2.       Pain is unique and will be experienced differently at different levels or understood differently when shared by different people. There’s pain that would shake your whole existence, threaten it and challenge you to make necessary changes and there’s pain that will almost feel comical, pain that would be relived in silence, brief doses even though you are being prepped or walk through it.

3.       Pain WILL expire! The receipt of it, that’s a permanent copy except you deliberately choose to pass it to God, it’s not automatic either, it’s one process that proves grace! So, knowing this is knowing that you MUST be intentional about what you give to people! You must care to do better; you must walk daily to give hope rather than tear down.

In both of these pain process I was always talking to my heavenly father especially through mental conversations, I asked for the grace to go through it. I also had amazing support at both times, though varied in intensity, it was there; allow people who care truly and understand you be there for you. Do not go into the dark alone. Lastly, your mind and confessions are important; the bible says “…whatever is true is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is praise worthy – think about such things(Philippians 4;8) and reminds us “Some people make cutting remarks but the words of the wise bring healing” (Proverbs 12:18).

Which brings me to the question, how do YOU deal with pain?

xoxo: Jasminwryts


  1. Lord.. I can literally feel the Pain you went through 😭😭😭
    I love the part of pain having its own uniqueness. What might seem like a small kind of pain to one person might be the most challenging kind of pain to the other. Probably why it’s called personal experience.
    Dealing with pain for me is locking everybody out and hide in my sheets. I feel nobody else would understand exactly how I feel. As a crybaby, it also give me enough space to cry my eyes out. And when I am done with that, I take it to God and ask Him to give me peace and He has never disappointed.
    Last year, I learnt I don’t have to be strong on my own. Talking about your pains helps to release the pain in some way. God steps in here. He directs me to the right person to talk to or He just sends someone I’m not expecting.
    Thank you Jas for sharing this. Love you❤️❤️

    • Hi Veronica,

      We definitely both share the same brain on this. No pain is similar even if the experience can be argued relatable. That’s why for me it’s more than just a desire to get God on it, it’s imperative and crucial, I see it as He knows me the best, understands exactly why it hurts and is my best assurance to finding my peace through it. Even if it’s through people, a new healthy distraction or just comfort, you really can never go wrong with choosing His help first and I’m also glad that you pointed out “last year you ‘learnt’” because going through pain in whatever experience and capacity and not learning from it is the ultimate defeat and waste of time in that process. There’s is ALWAYS a blessing in the pain and I believe I can say that with my full chest. Physically, my mouth feels all the more better and hey, I’m also now more conscious of taking care of my teeth…

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Personally, dealing with pain has no set route. Each moment of pain requires its own approach, we’d agree, as it has its own intensity, duration, or volume. However, hope (and desire) in/for a better time, despite the circumstance(s), keeps me going.

    • Hi Anthony 🙋🏽‍♀️,
      Personally HOPE is my go to word, lifestyle and just general vibe. I’m such an optimist and I believe it’s contributed a lot to my growth and defiance in most aspects of my life. For me at every point, it can never just be all of it? There’s always better, so on my really messed up days, I’m looking ahead to the good days I know are coming. On my good days, I’m gingered that there’s better coming and on my great days, I’m so elated on the awesomeness ahead! It’s faith for me too… a whole lot of it because I’m reminded of how limited I am and how unlimited God who, I trust is as He keeps being faithful. So pain is just for a season, we raise our eyes up to the hills from where our hope comes from (God for me😁) and even with my teeth, that was my mindset.

      Remain hopeful! There’s so much beauty to be reveled ahead. Thank you for your thoughts.


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