Wosh! I can finally say this – “We are BACK!”

I’m so FULL yet I feel so LIGHTWEIGHT…

Guys, It has been a journey and quite an adventurous one at that I must say. The blog went silent for a bit because the ‘hustle’ got more real. Survival mode had to be activated, class was intense in the past years, curriculum crazy…  and I began to experience deeper life lessons within these periods that demanded utter sensitivity in my spirit and heightened my hunger and thirst to be tapped in COMPLETELY to my source – God! Now Jasminwryts is back and more gingered than ever because now, content O POR!

shot by @morethanlenses.
MUA by @zeehs_glam_. Pant suit by @anthillbyenitan

So, I did mention there was a testimony remember? Well, I hit up my always dedicated web guy a couple of months back and I say (in between other small talk) ‘Dami so we need to get jasminwryts back and running, how far’, immediately he says he’d do a run through and get back. Great right? He then gets back finally after a bit and says omoh my host name is being bided for and the bidding literally ends about 3 or 4 days after he dropped the information. Definitely not great! *thumbs down*. If you do not quite get that yet, let me dissect what he was telling me in plain understanding. He was saying I wouldn’t be able to use the host name www.jasminwryts.com ever again! O tan! You say what??? After more than three years of my hearts pouring on my blog? After loosing all my files on any electronic device I ever owned? After no back up whatsoever but more serious, after all the hope I have for my brand, I will now have to be the one looking for what to add to my own brand name and start afresh?? They LIE!

It did hit hard at first hearing, I’ll be very honest but I already knew what lead me to initiating the retrieval so I stayed comforted in that fact while Dami ran some options with me. Long story almost short, I joined to bid for my hosting, won my hosting back and then just as we were going to scream HALLELUJAH!! my celebration was cut short. Dami confirms that all my content was deleted.

………………… kindly fill in the gap with the perfect reaction because at this very point, my can’t absolutely COULD’NT!

It really hurt but we continued to run through more options but just as I should have finally taken this blow for retreat, I just couldn’t and so here we are, back at ‘start afresh’ but so proud I still have the opportunity to do what I love, I mean, its still me isn’t it? As much as I would love to apologize for going MIA this long, I really just can’t, everything has brought me to here – a clearly better version of myself; a version full of peace, joy, truth to myself and all that concerns me, one blooming, growing and connecting with everything that supports and aligns me with purpose, a version that’s pushing for fulfilment in all God has called me to be in total submission and dependence on this source who said “you’ve come through the tests well, you are my baby girl and I am taking care of you now!” BRETHREN! Hear ye, hear ye, I am so sorry, I’m not so sorry, haha!

shot by @morethanlenses. MUA by @zeehs_glam_. Padded T-shirt @_shopmyrack_

Ready to journey with me again?

xoxo; Jasminwryts


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