Be kind-er to yourself.

You’re on a journey you had no clue about from your first day here.
You walked everyone else’s path;
Every guiding a little more chip to fine tune or knock off through your journey.
Who was right, what was right?
Decisions! *hmm* That couldn’t always have been alright.

When did you begin to know what connected with you?
What excited you?
What made you feel present and whole?
Sure you had little invitations within prior but the understanding, when really?
You must have been scared…
Oh you were!

A couple of years to balance that maybe?
The slow walk clueless.
The piecing pieces picked up on the way.
Oh you had some help from the Author ey?

How about the necessary un-learning?
The hard re-learning and learning?
The growth in love and for love;
Aren’t those the battle scars?

You need to be kind-er to yourself.
Owning who you found in the midst of the journey starts right there.
The courage to build from that discovery needs it,
Requires it,
Demands it!

Be kinder-er to yourself.
Accept YOU lovingly.
Now pour out even more deeply.
Deep will then call to deep.
Kindness to kindness.

Be kind-er to yourself;
You’re an eternal bloom and there are seasons in this.

xoxo: Jasminwryts


  1. Thank you very much Miss Jasmine for this beautiful soul touching piece. You and the work you do here are truly an epitome of beauty and sustainable peace. Keep it up girl


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