When you feel like you are getting to the end of the road, when you’re tired, when it feels like your options are all up and you’re caged in, when there is nothing in sight to give, no excuse to render, nothing to offer, don’t quit playing just yet. You’ve not died have you? Because I mean what more could be worse than what’s life threatening yea? Take a break, a breather, refresh yourself with what you have already; sleep, eat, worship, pray, talk to your favorite people, log out of social media for as long as necessary, drink water, just snooze a bit.

I know…. It’s been two post-less weekends right? I’m sorry for the stall, I did pack an article in this though, it’s been a refreshers course for me since I got the inspiration, I do hope it’s all that worth it for you as well. All of this came from a little chill out with my husband, over Calabar pepper soup, palm-wine and games. Yup! I tell you, your girl will never sleep on any opportunity to be inspired and we can’t even help it lol!

Thing is, at the height of your expectations and responsibilities is – pressure. It’s not abnormal, it comes with the territory; the need to deliver. What’s amazing is that sometimes that pressure comes way at the beginning, you don’t even have an idea how far away from your true potential, from winning, from freedom, you are until you’ve now thrown in the towel and then eventually see all the simple other possibilities right there.

I started off strong playing on the board and it must have whisked me all the way to that high pressure, tense, extremely demanding of myself point, much earlier in the game that I was not looking to form small words, take it tile by tile if necessary, I was just looking at those long formations that ticked all the ‘Double words, Double letters, Triple words’, e.t.c because that was working for me from start right? Well I learnt the hard way because my husband on the other hand was just enjoying the game and ready to use one tile if that’s all he had to drop and guess what? That barely long set was crossing words horizontally and vertically, bagging him points in multiples. By fairly just a few plays I considered we scatter and start afresh or just reshuffle all my tiles but then I decided to do none and recline, we switched conversations, I must have laughed or just entertained him making jokes with my situation, I drank a bit of very fresh palm-wine (the first time I ever had palm-wine and did not regret. This one actually lived up to the professed hype I never quite understood before lol) it was just sweet! Then, I looked at my spread again and cross-examined it with the board and voila, I saw a match, I think it was barely a five letter formation but it set the game in continuity for me and possibly for my husband too because, I played, he played and so on, before you know it, half the board is filled up with words!

Personally, this was the deal breaker for me, realizing how I never saw the potential of this progression and thought from my frustrated point that nothing could come out of what I had, talk less a half full board. That made me introspect, I know the number of times the “presshar got warser” in my daily life, everything is being put out, but the options are getting slimmer. The high responsibility, demands and personal convictions that just can’t seem to be delivered not because there’s no effort also put out, so it try’s to be consuming but more often than not, once I personally take my breather and return, there’s a lot I see. In this regard I also thank God that no matter what I deal with on the outside, I’ve got the most solid and warm cave to curl back in, the right set of minds to laugh through a tough time, pray through a tough situation, re direct energy to another simpler project or a space you can quiet and nobody is forcing you out. There’s always possibilities, I tell you.

I don’t know what you need to deliver on, what’s expected of you or where you feel you’re out of options. This post, should you have gotten to this point, is your reminder that you’re really not seeing the full picture just yet, there could be more achievable from what you already have with you, your pressure point will just not let you see it, so please take a breather and do something that is the least demanding of your life, even if it’s just to drink water and sleep. Engage that and comeback into the zone ready to consider the tiny moves, not so thrilling ideas or that assistance you think won’t result in much. 

It’s also very important as a side note to this that you focus now on letting God build your home base, your family network, your friendships and I cannot emphasize it enough the importance of a solid, healthy and breathable family. Home should be where your heart is at peace, where you can boost for another tryout, where you can live free of an already brooding expectation to deliver for moments, where you can laugh even when all is on fire outside. In this game of scrabble, my husband filled the position of a raging and demanding world but he also filled the safety nest that I could divert to and catch myself again and in life, this shouldn’t be taken likely. 

“Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭127‬:‭1‬a AMP

Really sometimes all you need is to retreat a while to realize great possibilities already existing. What do you think?




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