It went down on the 7th of February, 2021 at the Ebony life place, Lagos Nigeria where the premier of the much anticipated Romantic and faith based movie ‘Still Falling‘ held. It was a breath of fresh air from our new norm – no moving out, stay indoors, look for a game to play, work on your system, eat, sleep…. (okay, maybe I’m being too dramatic now) but it definitely was something to look forward to especially this time around having my baby girl and sister Lulu Okonkwo on this one. Lulu played the character Kore alongside the beautiful Sharon Oja who played Bono, her bestfriend with such a heavy baggage from her past life dating Lagi, the phenominal Etim Effiong amongst a trail of other stellar cast, breathing life to a beautiful story.

It was a great day and a lovely morning. Starting from home, our energy was up and was coming down for nothing! The drive to the White Orchid Hotel was chill and it reminded me of how much of a sucker for long trips I am (even though Nigerian interstate roads are an apology so that’s cancelled). It was a Sunday and the real Lagos, I mean the REAL one was taking a nap. Lol! All roads led to Ebony life place, where Lulu had a beautiful room at the White Orchid Hotel reserved for the period of the premier. The ambience of the hotel as well customer service of the staff was indeed warm and responsive respectively.

How did we prepare? Well they say an image speaks louder than words, let me do you one better – A video!

Details for me: Hair styled by Self, Jewelry –, Makeup by T.alamodebeauty, Silk camisole from @Anthillbyenitan, Pants made by @Rayo_creations. Details for the Star girl – Lulu: hair done by Laguru_, Jewelry –, pant suit by @janbyjan_, Makeup by @zeehs_glam_

We looked great yo! If I do say so myself, lol but, before we get into the galleries, let’s talk about what Still Falling did to me – I CRIED MY EYE BALLS OUT! Ha! I just kept graduating and switching gears from, ‘aww’ kind of tear, to ‘Lord, Lord’ kind of tearing and before I could get the tissue I had requested for, I was at WAILS!!! Of course if you know me, you know I am very emotional hence quite guarded and this not to give the impression that the movie was just a sad tale through out – no, it beautifully graduated until it reached that emotional climax and well, another great contributing factor was the birthday portrait of my dad that unlocked so many memories. In truth, the message at this time in my life is just ALOT! I desperately needed to preserve what was left of my eyes and hold up that lush makeup @T.alamodebeauty did. As with every other Innovative Television Kontent and Entertainment Tru Christ production by Dimbo and Karachi Atiya, excellence is never a negociation period! The movie came through with the heat from cinematography, acting, music, sound, story and most importantly message – Forgiveness, trust me I wasn’t the only one who cried in that hall, but I own mine with my chest lol!

After the movie was… (no after party lol!) covid19 still dey, but networking and reuniting with other industry friends was a must. Everyone looked lovely and it was evident in the atmosphere that great content was witnessed. Of course the news agencies and media houses had their fill with guests and cast interviews too. The swear by my gallery *Laughs*


Our star girl @lulu.okonkwo who played Kore in the movie Still Falling. ambassador in pant suit by @janbyjan_
Premium support in @anthillbyenitan and @rayo_creations. Jewelry by makeup by @T.alamodebeauty
I mean we still hood niccurs lol!
Baby girls! @iriekpen_amanda, @jasminwryts and @lulu.Okonkwo all strapped in
Premier day viewing, scene with Bono(Sharon Oja) and Kore (Lulu Okonkwo)
Lulu Okonkwo with the press in all her glory.
Catching up with the beautiful @chisomagoawuike a.k.a ‘Halita’

I believe still falling was released at the perfect time and I can only pray it gets more coverage around the world because the movie speaks for itself, it barely needs interpretation – Forgive Now, not tomorrow, because tomorrow is not promised.

With all these I hope I was able to convince and not confuse you that I had a great time but if you still are yet to be convinced, I’ll just sign-out with breakfast in bed (yes, it was the morning after) Lol!

xoxo – Jasminwryts


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