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It has been a drag getting to this post right here, the struggle to balance entrepreneurship, content creation, business and real life demands/activities – E choke! Somedays, I just switch off from everything almost to feel like I’m fighting back against the workload and invariably cost myself unhealthy transfers and drag in my productivity. Please I can’t be the only one going through this and I know certainly in this creative life circle, it is quite normal and e get why… so how about we just group hug as we identify ourselves in this small struggle.

I didn’t post last weekend pardon me. I had been in my hometown (maternal); Akwa-Ibom state; ‘the land of promise’ for my grandpas’ burial ceremony and it just wasn’t convenient to write owed to serious activity and network instability but I promise you it was a full experience for me, especially considering that the last time I was in my village in Ika, I don’t remember much. This time around I wanted to live through the experience one shot after the other. It wasn’t so successful though but I’m grateful for the bit I could capture.

My grandpa Hon Elder Sunday Sambo Asana was in the most summarized yet apt descriptions I can render him, a ‘compassionate legend and visionary’. Death won him at the age of 88years old but had nothing on his fulfilment of purpose and impact in not just his locality but Akwa-Ibom state as a whole. This not only makes me proud but challenges me all the more to employ every God given arsenal in my journey to purpose and always have a heart that’s willing to fight, support and nurture other lives on my way to life’s fulfilment. So help me God.

By the way, I tied this Gele myself, my first attempt ever. This was the only decent shot I got of myself, throughout this process and it was my second day, my first outfit was a total waste sadly (we shall find another event to slay it there). Dress by; @anthillbyenitan.

I’m proud to say that on this trip I unlocked another level of driving skill I wasn’t quite sure I had in me or maybe I was just unbothered and the opportunity never presented itself. In our quest to retrieve items sent in for the ceremony from the local transport service it was sent through and shop for the caterer (my mum decided to do this herself same day I just arrived to meet them in my village, imagine *side eye*), I found myself driving the distance of two states in a zone I am not in anyway conversant with and just forget google map. Hear he, hear he, I dey drive! (argue with your own blog *laughs*).

The first day was a RUSH! A successful valedictory service at the Akwa-Ibom state house of Representatives (my first time there as well) a lot of road displays, marching, celebrating and recognition in Ika by the Local government leaders and community heads. It was heart warming to see the communities celebrate heartily with us as we marched and danced through, his daughters observing traditional respect to him by holding up his framed picture and leading the trail. The second day however – the burial proper. I was as good as non-existent. I did dress up (hurriedly if I might add) to be a part of this important day but alas! OYO was my name. Myself and my cousin spent more time driving or sorting out one thing or the other, I missed it all. It was successful thank God. I did waste everything from outfit to excitement but as we say, WE MOVE. I really didn’t get to explore like I had hoped because energies where running low after the plenty…. segments of entertaining guest at home. Believe me I heard ‘goat’ so much, I probably won’t notice anymore if it’s mentioned with a megaphone right in my ear – I’m numb; almost every greeting, responsibility, meeting approval or just ‘hi’ is accompanied by a goat, other distinguished situations a cow is demanded, but less imposing. My culture is rich and we like to chow!!!! One question though, what’s the biggie about ‘Fresh palm wine’?, I don’t think I get it.

Thanksgiving service was exciting and enlightening all the same at Qua-Iboe church Ikot Osupung Superintendency. Seeing my uncle, aunties and family alike all decked up and gyrating in our community church (where I could hardly hear the sermon preached because of the dialect) was quite something to watch. Dancing out to give different offerings is a must (I must have danced out at least 7 times even if I’m not counting correct) so hold your change!


Waiting for the ‘House’ to be open! Akwa-Ibom House of Representative building.
Grandma and her daughters! First (Extreme right), Second (my mum) and third daughter/Fifth Child (Left of my Grandma).
Oron Market. We had to go get some more food because chowing O POR! You’ll have a bawl in my hometown when it comes to crayfish and dried prawns.

Like I mentioned, my experience was a wholesome one. Between the ceremony and family, I learnt a lot but for the reason of this post one takes lead – the life you live regardless of how you feel about it while in the moment, will speak when you no longer can, it will cost or bless people linked to it deeply when you are gone and the only time you can affect it is now!




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