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As you grow older and wiser, you quickly realize that ‘simple’ really is true joy!

Hi family, how was the past week for you? No post last week, it was quite a week for me honestly but my apologies regardless, I trust you remember the code over here – quality over quantity and no, that doesn’t mean I am not being more deliberate to be consistent enough, I am (pinky swear) lol. I hope that this half of your year is unravelling beautifully, and you truly have more to be grateful to God for as we journey closer to the end of the year. Myself? Gosh, I am definitely full; of gratitude, of appreciation, love, even more hope and I am full of joy, I really am happy in my heart.

So, my mum surprised me and this visit literally taught me or should I say, made me relive forgotten theories I literally sing which is the fact that, things that truly give us joy don’t come at a tangible price. Surely, there’s always a price to pay for everything in life but what satisfies us truly and gives us peace, we don’t buy those, we can’t pay for them, not in cash and not with any other material exchange, they really are free. I knew my mum would be coming to Calabar and at the initials it seemed all was straight to point but alas, it wasn’t and I took it as with every other thing I get ready for at my hoped time but factors I can’t control dance right in to spoil – I fight to release and then let it go. I mean, there’s no struggle in delivery time with God now, if e set, e set. I carried about my life not knowing that my sweet mum, my amazing, awesomely beautiful eternal boyfriend and my lovely brother had worked up a surprise for me with the same visit I was already in on, like? This was everything, definitely much more than I knew it could have been but this isn’t about the surprise in itself now, it’s a reminder to anyone reading this about the truth. The truth is we need God, first, foremost and always because with Him, you’ll get a world around you that fills you up, that fuels you, that gives you hope, that beats one with your heart, that you are worthy of and one that is worthy of you, that makes doing life and its challenges and beauty worth every while. The truth is also that we are chasing a lot of emptiness vigorously and sadly we have become so fixated on our wins, statements, point proving’s and problems, that we are actually missing the point, will you look at that? Now what’s the point?

The point is joy and satisfaction are not experienced by acquisitions or in settlements; buy all you want, have all the money, fame, excel all you want, save all you want, have no bill to pay and all pending commitments cleared, have it all, ALL in life and have no sincere person (s) to share with, to exchange, to relate these with or who just witness in your corner faithfully and there will never be true satisfaction, we’d only experience momentary phases of happiness or graduate in excitement until we are back at empty even with everything in hand. Seeing my mum, realizing that I have humans who think about me without an ask, seeing people truly kind, sacrificial, present, and knowing that they aren’t strangers to me, they aren’t a “wish upon a well”, they are here, they are ‘mine’ (sigh), the only way I’ve been able to relate it in my mind is – “I feel like a winner”.

Why do we work to get a name, why do we want fame, why do we want all the money? To be accepted. Hold on, visualize a bit deeper and search honestly a second please, for some of us it may not seem like that’s what’s on our mind when we go for it. Surely, we want to be happy yes, but if we did not want any form of acceptance, acknowledgement, regard, respect, feeling of worthiness, we would be happy just knowing that we exist – period. We don’t, sadly we chase, we run for and towards, we target, we push, we strive, we level up to be better versions of ourselves that’ll be recognized/accepted. It makes us happy and it’s not a bad thing, no it’s not because we are in this world that’s going to keep evolving and switching up on us, so we can’t even just BE but! When we chase with heart and not just by the way of the world; ambition, we build love and that in turn secures family that accepts us AS WE ARE. In these moments I just know I have no reason to be ungrateful, life life-ing or not, excelling or not, I feel complete, I’m not thinking of everything to make me happier; I know I have problems but, I feel like I can take on the world. I may need a lot but, I also know I have everything. That’s my point – I have everything because I have God and family. Everyone should have this, everyone needs it!

I am earnestly grateful to God, I am grateful for my people, for my family and in these months turning years, I am so grateful I married someone who shares my heart purely and protectively. I am also grateful for you, every one of you who clicks this link and sincerely reads what I have to share, other times reach out, pay compliments, share, like or even take my 2 cents serious enough to think it encouraging. You are family too and because of your acceptance I’ve never ever thought to stop, not one day. I pray you receive this deliberateness too in your life and truly feel like you also have won.

“With people (as far as it depends on them) it is impossible, but with God all things are possible”. Matthew 19:26b.





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